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Recently a receding storm tide in northern Briton revealed the prints of man’s first footsteps taken 850,000 years ago.

With the returning tide they were lost forever leaving nothing to herald his passing.

A glimpse into the distant past leaving a rather empty feeling… lost identity… lost opportunity?

Fortunately throughout history there have been those exceptional individuals who have recognized a way to indelibly impact where they have tread. Choosing not to just pass by but rather to seize the opportunity to lead with their footsteps by positively impacting the quality of life of those around them both for the present and generations to come, thereby assuring that they and their footsteps are long remembered and appreciated.

Leading With Your Footsteps … The Legacy Alliance

The Alliance for the Arts shoulders great responsibility as the state designated arts agency for Lee County. A non-profit, member supported organization whose mission it is to facilitate and nurture the creation, development, promotion, and education of arts and culture in our community, it has vast responsibilities requiring significant efforts and support.

A critical component of the support required to maintain the quality and diversity of the services that thousands in our community have come to enjoy and will continue to benefit from in the future is The Legacy Alliance.

It is with great appreciation that the Alliance applauds its exceptional Legacy Membership, comprised of those with the foresight to choose to make a gift thru their estate planning. Those whose good works, names and footsteps will not fade and will remain in our hearts and minds as prominently engraved on The Legacy Alliance plaque in recognition and appreciation.

Eligibility for Alliance Legacy Membership is gained by making a planned gift of $10,000 or more thru your estate planning. You are welcome to contact our Executive Director personally for additional information at (239) 939-2787, or a commitment for your intended participation can be made conveniently online below.

Planned giving can be as simple as designating a specific amount or percentage of an estate, an IRA, an insurance policy or any of a number of other options, many offering significant tax benefits to you. Following are some of the planned giving options that both you and the Alliance may benefit from.

Annuities (Gift Annuities) – Annuities can be purchased by a donor, providing fixed income during the donor’s life at a favorable interest rate, enhanced by substantial tax benefits, while making a valuable gift to the Alliance for the Arts at the donor’s end of life.

Charitable Remainder Trusts – Provide income from property to the donor, donor’s spouse, or other selected beneficiaries during your lifetime, providing income tax deductions, and yet is a tax exempt gift to the Alliance for the Arts upon the death of the beneficiary.

Bequests by Will – Is a gift to the Alliance for the Arts through your Will which enables you to unlimited enjoyment of your property during your lifetime and that of your spouse, yet makes a significant contribution to the Alliance upon your death.

Securities – Held longer than one year and then donated to the Alliance allow you to receive a charitable deduction for the current fair market value while avoiding all capital gains tax.

Tangible Assets – Highly appreciated tangible assets can be substantial gifts to the Alliance for the Arts while also providing benefits to the donor.

Real Estate – Appreciated property donations may allow the donor a current fair market value income tax deduction while avoiding all capital gains taxes.

Life Insurance – A life insurance policy can be transferred to the Alliance and provide tax benefits to the donor or the Alliance can be a beneficiary or contingency beneficiary of your policy.

Please provide the following information so that the Alliance can thank you and acknowledge your pledge. Your Membership in The Legacy Alliance becomes active when you notify us that the Alliance for the Arts has been included in your estate plans.

*Please note that you may also qualify for Alliance Legacy Membership by either making a direct monetary donation or donating items on the “wish list” equal to or exceeding $10,000 should either be the path of assistance you prefer, and the Alliance will gratefully acknowledged your assistance.
The Alliance for the Arts (FEIN 51-0182649) is registered with the State of Florida pursuant to chapter 496, section 496.405 of the Florida statutes. A copy of our official registration (#CH6080) and financial information may be obtained from the Division of Consumer Services by calling toll-free (1-800-435-7352) within the state. Registration does not imply endorsement, approval or recommendation by the State.

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